What Parents have Said

Dear Glen,

Recently you spoke to a group of students at my daughter’s school; she is in year 11 and struggling with commitment to study and school. I have never seen her so motivated as she was after she had listened to Glen speak, she talked about it endlessly. Thank you.
Parent, 2010


I read your article in “Living Local” I was impressed! So found your website, watched a video clip and called my wife to the computer. Wonderful story, so inspiring, wow! you can communicate! And a message that is sooooo needed in this community!
Pastors in Ku-ring-gai


Hi Glen,
It was a very inspiring talk you gave this evening to the Year 10 Masada students.  My daughter and I were sitting in the second row and you asked her name when you borrowed her work book.

I wanted to let you know that my daughter had rods put in her back just over 3 months ago and has only been back at school a few days, as she missed all of term 4 last year.  During that time she went through her highs and lows and still a little now and after hearing you speak especially about getting through the pain, being at home for many months and coming out the other end, has been inspired by you and can see how relevant the talk was to her and myself and hopefully this will continue to make her grow in herself and plant those seeds.

I am sorry that parents can’t attend your next session with the students, but my daughter is looking forward to it very much.
Parent of student, Masada College, 2010


Hi Glen,
I have just returned from your “Day of Hope” talk at Masada College.  Your talk would have to be the most inspirational message that I have ever heard!  I just want to say a great big thank you for giving the College and the year 10 kids & parents your time this evening. The only pity is that there were not more kids and parents there to hear you, and that your time with us was so limited.  I have subsequently heard that my son, now in his HSC year at the College, has been fortunate to have spent more time with you over the years, for which I am most grateful.

Parent of student, Masada College, 2010


Hey Glen, I just want to let you know how impressed my son was with you today. He attends Mackillop Catholic college along with my other son who is now in year 11. Trying to raise teenage boys is certainly a challenge as is finding role models that they truly respect. Well, you have won both my boys. Although they refused to talk to me about the content of your talk (men’s business), they have been talking about you and your hurdles and achievements with energy and a huge amount of respect. You are obviously an inspiration to many, many people. Well done to you, and congratulations. More than that, Thank you. :)
Parent of student, Mackillop Catholic College, Warnervale NSW


My son came home last night full of Oxygen!! He was so motivated and full of great ideas to help him study better. Somehow my suggesting he would work better in a tidy room never seemed to work but your ‘wardrobe not a floor robe’ seemed like a great idea to him.  My husband and I were delighted to hear him telling us all your wonderful ideas as though they were all new strategies. The fact that we have over the years said many of the same things did not matter. Your talk yesterday hit the spot and filled our son with a new enthusiasm and a sense of power from within. Not much has changed yet but as you told them if only 1% change happens it will be great. Thank you for giving our young man an insight to the power of positive thinking. You are doing a great job. Our thanks!

Parents of Yr 11 student, CHRISTIAN BROTHERS HIGH SCHOOL, Lewisham NSW


Thanks Glen.  My daughter was inspired and has not stopped talking about your inspirational presentation last week.  Your words of wisdom have crystallized in her mind about her quest to pursue a future in her chosen field.  Again I thank you.

Mother of Yr 11 Student, RAVENSWOOD, Gordon NSW


My husband and I just returned home from listening to your talk at the Masada College High school this evening.  We just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic, informative and most inspiring talk! We could have listened to you for hours.

In fact our son at the school phoned me during lunchtime today and said, “Mum you have to go and listen to Glen tonight, he is AMAZING”…..And amazing you truly are…. well done for all that you do!! It was a pleasure to meet you. We also have a younger daughter at the high school and we can’t wait for her to hear you too!

Mother of Yr 10 student, MASADA COLLEGE NSW


I would like to thank you for your inspirational and encouraging talks given to the students yesterday.  My son came home from school very inspired, encouraged, motivated and uplifted.  He usually is quite a laid back young lad of very few words, however the enthusiasm he displayed in telling me all about you and your talks was great to see.  (I was thinking  to myself is this the same child?)

My son was telling me what he needs to do with regards to accomplishing his vision and dreams. I saw a real positive side of him I rarely see,
which at this age and stage of the child’s life is so important.  You had such an positive impact on him!


Hi Glen, you really fired up my son the other day at Rostrevor College. Way to go, bro!



…. thanks for last night I think you did a great job… and I found your topic (THE HEART OF A FATHER seminar) last night to be very interesting and motivating. I realized last night that I sometimes overlook the youth that live and breathe my breath and who’s heart beat with my blood. I don’t consider my self a bad dad, in fact I keep telling my kids that I’m  the coolest dad in the world because I have the coolest kids in the world, but unfortunately sometimes I’m not so cool when I don’t give my kids the time they so deserve.

Life is short and if we let one minute go by without a purpose we will never get it back. So thank you for opening my eyes just that little bit more to the purpose of my life and for being a mentor, inspirer, protector, coach and most importantly Father to my kids.

Thanks mate, keep the passion and dream alive for the youth of Australia!

Father, MARIAN COLLEGE, Kenthurst NSW


Glen’s story and how it all began is something we all were amazed to listen to. To hear of someone’s growth through adversity is always inspirational and in the first 15 minutes had us glued to the seats, totally focused and tuned in for what was next to come.

I attended tonight because I felt that my relationship with my son is in need of some tweaking. After seeing the flyer on the kitchen bench I thought what a great opportunity to try to explore avenues to help breach the growing gap. So I made a special effort to participate and am pleased I did.

We got to hear of importance of the “Father” and his role in the family and were enlightened of the plights that face our children as they grow when the “Father” is absent, the statistics are alarming. For me it was important that my son could also hear these, as Glen’s presentation is a down to earth approach which enables our children to easily relate too.

With the ever changing pressures of school life, the expectations put onto our children and the general fast paced world we live in; we need to define the differences between the things that are “Important” and those that are “Urgent”.”

…let’s hope that the P & F committee can arrange to bring the “Oxygen Factory” back next year.  It is important, our kids are important, let’s invest in them so that we can all reap the benefits in the future.

I would encourage the school to consider having Glen come to speak to the students on a year by year basis. Glen displayed a unique ability to communicate to the masses and I feel that such services could really benefit the students in years 10, 11 & 12 giving them some positive motivational guidance.

Father,  Parents & Friend Committee member, MARIAN COLLEGE, Kenthurst NSW


Yesterday our son attended your DAY OF HOPE seminar. He thoroughly enjoyed the day. We sat down to a most enjoyable evening with him, where he shared the day with us, shared the story’s he been told and shared the dreams and visions he has. He went through the booklet with us and was totally inspired and challenged by what he had heard.

As parents, it is so encouraging to know that there are people like you, speaking into the lives of so many, especially the youth, with such purpose. Thank you for your motivation, encouragement and your heart to reach out to the people of Australia.

Parents of Yr 11 Student, CHRISTIAN OUTREACH COLLEGE, Brisbane QLD


Hi Glen, I just wanted to write and let you know what an positive impact you had on my son at Holy Cross College yesterday. He spoke non stop for two and a half hours last night, recounting everything you said throughout the day.  He said it was by far his best day at school ever and he learnt more yesterday than all his years at school.

He is going to buy your book for his father for his birthday this weekend and I’m sure they will both read it (and he never reads anything). My son has been going through some troubling times this year and he was so happy and motivated to do well after listening to you yesterday, I just wanted to reconfirm with you that what you are doing is really making a difference in these childrens lives.



…thank you to you for an inspirational message that you spoke at my teenage sons high school late last year.  After raising my son in a Christian home for most of his life we where going through some difficult times with him late last year. It was around this time that you visited his school. When he arrived home I could tell that he had been affected by some of the things that you had said. He was greatly inspired by you to have a fresh look at his goals and vision for the future. He was very motivated at the time and managed to uphold some momentum for quite a while….he has slowed up a bit but is doing well.

I would be very interested to know if you have any other motivational material available that I could purchase for him…or my husband and myself. I believe it would be a great benefit for my son to have some of your material to draw on. Especially as we seem to forget so quickly. And also as a parent of teenage children….I will take all the wise help that I can get.

Mother, WARILLA HIGH SCHOOL, Barrack Heights NSW


I just wanted to thank Glen as he did a motivational day at my daughter school Trinity College the other week, she had a wonderful day and it has inspired her to plan her future and to make it happen. I have ordered the book as she expressed that she would love to here more from Glen. So thank you, you have really made a difference and I am very grateful for this.



I am writing as a mother of a son with an eating disorder. Early this year, we took him to a psychiatrist as he showed symptoms of anxiety and OCD. Six months on, he has a severe eating disorder and is much worse. We have just changed psychiatrists and hope to tie in treatment with a psychologist at the same centre. They aim to assess whether our son has true anorexia or a severe anxiety based eating disorder.

What struck me about Kristy’s story (on your site) was the difficulty in getting good help for this type of problem in Australia. I hope we don’t have to travel the same route as she did. We love our son dearly and only want for him to become well again.

Earlier this year, Glen visited my son’s school and Glen’s talk had an impact on him. I am ordering your book “Hope” to put in his Christmas stash.

Mother, Brisbane QLD