Get Involved

Partner with us to help us INJECT HOPE & CHANGE the LIVES of our nations’ youth,there are no limits on what we can accomplish together!

“Earlier this year I had a very severe episode of depression in which I was twice admitted to hospital. While staying there dad gave me your book. At the time I was having a lot of difficulty with concentration and accepted only out of politeness, but when I began reading it I just couldn’t put it down. I finished it within a couple of days with the new realisation that I had a bright and hopeful future.

After reading the book I met a girl in the ward. We started having a chat and she told me her deep desire to end her life. She was convinced she was not going to live past 16. I told her about your book and how much it impacted me. I offered it to her that night and she told me she didn’t put it down until morning. The next day when I saw her she put her arms around me and said ‘that book changed my life!'” 

MELISSA, QLD Used with permission

Here are a few ways that you or your business can get involved…

sponsor a school seminar

Many public schools, those in rural areas or those from lower socioeconomic regions are unfortunately unable to fund Oxygen Factory coming to their school. There are over 2000 high schools in Australia and our goal is to see the message of hope reach every high school student.



give a school library pack

HOPE library pack includes:
OXYGEN – 102 doses of Inspiration book
DAY OF HOPE 5 CD audio pack

give the HOPE book

Each week Oxygen Factory receives numerous e-mails telling how the GET YOUR HOPES UP book is changing lives. Help get hope into the hands of more young people in your community. Our aim is to give this book of hope to young people everywhere… in schools, hospitals, youth organisations and those on the streets!


become a TOWARDS 2020 partner

By the year 2020 we aim to have injected the message of hope into every high school in every state and territory in our nation! We need your help to launch a range of initiatives including regional events and free community programs that will help to reduce the burden of depression, suicide, eating disorders, addiction and fatherlessness in our nations’ young people.

Nominate YOUR OWN local school or community organisation to sponsor or contact us for a comprehensive list of sponsor applicants.   Give the gift of HOPE today.

Helping as a business

We have an unlimited number of opportunities with sponsorship partnership, both providing your business with exposure and ensuring an injection of HOPE into the lives of students across Australia! Sponsorship is available for a number of school seminars & community programs to be launched, with visual and verbal promotion of sponsor and marketing opportunities available as part of the package, starting from as little as $750.00

For more information on partnering with us please contact the Oxygen Factory office