male by birth. man by choice

You may have been born a male but to become a man is a choice... your choice. This Young Man's Guide to Exercise, Nutrition, Money, Drugs and Alcohol, Sex, Pornography and Masturbation will equip you to make right decisions and powerfully aid your transition from boy to man.

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What's been said about Men Of Honour:

Acclaim for Glen Gerreyn's Men of Honour

Glen Gerreyn's unique and widely respected Men of Honour program, captured for posterity in this entertaining and hard-hitting book, fearlessly tackles the often difficult issues that boys face in growing up. Written by one of the most inspiring and influential young men of his generation, Men of Honour is a must-read for boys and their fathers, bringing both immediate and potentially far-reaching benefits as males of all ages make honourable choices in how they live their lives. 

Professor David Bennett AO, Head, NSW Centre for the Advancement of Adolescent Health and co-author of 'I Just Want you to be Happy: Preventing and Tackling Teenage Depression'.

At last … a man who brings wisdom with balance and guidelines without condemnation. Glen's ability to keep 1,000 Year 10 boys glued to their seats for over four hours is testament to the fact that he is answering the real questions that all young men have. Your teaching on these subjects should be compulsory for young men Australia-wide, Glen … I've never heard better.

Jamie Malcolm, TV Host 'The Kerri-Anne Show' Channel Nine Australia and Author of 'Your Time is Now: Dream Again, Live Again'.

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